Cashmere shampoo 300 ml


Delicate and specific shampoo for washing cashmere or cashmere and silk garments, both by hand and in the washing machine. Thanks to its formulation, it delicately cleanses even the finest fabrics, leaving an elegant scent with notes of peony on the garments.

  • For hand washing and machine washing
  • For sensitive skin
  • Preserves the elasticity of the garment
  • Allergen free


Washing suggestions

BY HAND: dissolve the recommended amount of product in cold water, stirring just enough to mix. Immerse the garments and leave to soak for a few minutes. Delicately massage soiled areas. Rinse thoroughly. Let dry in the shade far from sources of heat.
IN A WASHING MACHINE use only delicate cycles at a maximum temperature of 30°. Let dry in the shade far from sources of heat.

RECOMMENDED DOSES: (1 cap / measuring cup contains 5gr of product)

BY HAND: Soft water 15 ml, Medium water 30 ml, Hard water 30 ml
IN A WASHING MACHINE: Soft water 50 ml, Medium water 60 ml, Hard water 70 ml

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