Our values

The raw material is the beating heart of our company. Cashmere is a noble and precious fiber, capable of providing an exceptional feeling of well-being.

We are committed every step of the way to ensure that, when wearing one of our garments, every customer experiences this unique emotion. Day after day, our aim is to offer increasingly better products and services, learning from the experience and professionalism acquired over time and eagerly looking to the future with entrepreneurial spirit.

Our history

The Duca di San Giusto brand originated in an ancient mill located in the heart of the Veneto countryside. In this stunning landscape, far from the hustle and bustle of daily life and surrounded by placid waterways, we cultivate our passion for an extraordinary, rare and precious fiber: cashmere.

It is here that we create and design our collections, combining refined Italian taste with a deep understanding of the raw material, to give life to exquisite and comfortable garments that offer those who wear them a feeling of infinite well-being.

A creative path that comes alive and gets its character from the experience and the joy of each and every member of the Duca di San Giusto group. We are convinced that the strong point of our company lies precisely in its people and their ability to work as one: the connection and professionalism of our team is the secret ingredient that makes our product unique.

Our daily commitment

Every day we strive to offer outstanding knitwear that is both trendy and sustainable.

We use only 100% natural yarns - namely cashmere and silk - with a guarantee of certified purity for every single item. Indeed, we strongly believe that the quality and durability of our garments is an important aspect of how we approach change towards sustainable fashion.

Today, Duca di San Giusto cashmere can be found online and in 14 boutiques in luxury locations, where courtesy, friendliness and customer care are our daily mission. When entering one of our stores, you will be able to enjoy the full cashmere experience, immersing yourself in a welcoming and completely unique atmosphere.
A feeling that we passionately strive to provide each day, the same sensation you will have when wearing a Duca di San Giusto pure cashmere garment.


Our stores


In our friendly exclusive stores you will find a wide range of garments made of pure cashmere and silk & cashmere with a timeless style. Classic meets modern through unique designs and details. Enthusiasm, joy, professionalism and expertise is the air you breathe in our stores. From the historic headquarters of the ancient mill near Padua, to the other thirteen stores located in prestigious mountain resorts, both in Italy and Switzerland.