How do I wash
a cashmere garment?

Follow these simple steps for perfect results.

  1. Immerse the garment inside out in a basin of cold water together with a tablespoon of our delicate shampoo, and massage for a few minutes. For stains, lightly dab the area to treat with a white cloth dipped in diluted detergent, without rubbing;
  2. Rinse thoroughly under running water, without squeezing or wringing. Roll in a towel or pat to eliminate any excess water;
  3. To finish drying, place on a flat surface far from direct sunlight or sources of heat. Do not hang to avoid deforming;
  4. Once dry, if necessary, iron on the wrong side using a medium/low temperature or steam keeping the iron at a distance of 5 cm.

For pure cashmere items, we recommend washing by hand. You may, however, machine wash selecting a specific setting for wool or delicates without spinning and never above 30°. Remember to never use softener or bleach and never tumble dry.

Our delicate shampoo

How do I wash a cashmere fabric garment?

A cashmere fabric garment - e.g. outerwear - must be dry cleaned. The same applies to garments with fur inserts.

We recommend using a trusted dry-cleaner.

How do I treat pilling?

Let's begin by explaining what causes it. Pilling occurs when the fiber is subjected to abrasion.

A quality garment made of pure cashmere usually contains a very high number of fibers. It is therefore normal that, after a reasonable amount of time and use, the excess fibers develop into unsightly balls of fluff.

It is important to point out that the presence of pilling is not the sign of a low quality garment: quite the contrary, it is an intrinsic characteristic of any natural fiber. It can simply be removed manually by “pinching” the garment or using an appropriate brush and applying a light upward movement before proceeding to wash.

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How to store a cashmere garment?

As part of our sustainable commitment and customer service, each garment comes with a reusable storage bag and a moth-repellent strip.

These airtight ziplock bags are specifically designed to protect your garments from insects and dust. We recommend never hanging a cashmere garment to prevent it from losing its shape. Instead, place it in a drawer together with our scented strip for extra protection.

Sweater bag
Moth-repellent strip
Cedar wood mothproof

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